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Why Chainsaw Carving Classes?

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

I had to be about eight years old when we went up to Big Bear, CA. That‘s where my mom first saw chainsaw carving. We would try to sell her artwork by the side of the road, but there were very few takers for pen and ink drawings. So when she saw the big burly guys carving and drawing attention she thought that was something she could do instead. They laughed at her and very unapologetically declined. So she went on to teach herself.

I watched her go through the worst struggles. The first few years, her carvings still looked like logs and there was not a fast pace to carving them. There were so many concepts that just one day with the right teacher could have taught her.

It wasn’t until I was in my 20’s that I decided to try it. I decided to learn because I saw a systematic approach from a few other carvers. Since she went in such a round about way of learning it, It made it nearly impossible to teach it to another person. It seemed like when she had students, they would learn a little bit, but not really enough to take home and apply it in a real way. I didn’t want to learn that way. I wanted to get step by step instruction, take what I learned, go home, master it, then come back to learn more.

One of my First Carvings in 2006!

After a four year apprenticeship and my teacher telling me they taught me about as much as they could (I could tell they had concerns of competition in the same neighborhood), it was time to move on and do things my own way.

The lessons are constant and I still go back for more teaching when I can. This art form is never ending with techniques, form and just when you think you mastered something.. finish can even take time to figure out.

My scheduled classes and workshops are designed for the absolute beginner. Even someone who has never ran a saw in their life. I provide all of the tools and necessary equipment along with Chaps and a log to carve. I take all the barriers to entry away and bring you straight to the material and beginning point. This is so important, because going through purchasing everything necessary and then collecting the wood from who even knows where (It’s a challenge for everyone) then finally figuring out your set up only to realize, maybe this isn’t something you want to do or realize you invested in the wrong chainsaw. I take all of that away and teach the basic skills needed to get somewhere with it. I offer support when someone decided to go full tilt boogie on it and needs some pointers.

I also offer advanced classes. Have you been to events where you feel like you could do better, but there is something missing? Are you whittling away, only to go nowhere and toss your project? Are you struggling to come up with your own design and accomplish it? Do you just want to get good at a certain pattern, because it sells amazing in your area and you want an edge in your competition?

I’m here to teach the really hard concepts, like plunge cuts, how to step up your saws, how to see your design in the log and where to start.

I believe I make a good teacher, because I started from scratch even when it came to my strength. I know what it’s like to jump into something that felt impossible at the time. Sometimes I question my motivation for doing it, really I was the wimpiest girl! For the first few months, I couldn’t even start the smallest chainsaw. It’s these things that taught me mental toughness though. Not only did I accomplish something I was proud of, it made me think, and it made me stronger. I loved seeing my small improvements and over time they ended up being pretty significant!

My projects are patterns and I teach them with the step by step method. They have been carved by others and are very popular for people to have in their homes. They are all of the projects I started off with myself! I know them like the back of my hand and can carve each of them in 30 minutes or less.

I typically use battery powered chainsaws in my scheduled classes. They are slower than gas powered, but I like that for a good reason! As another carver once said, we carve at the speed of thought. That is because gas chainsaws cut so fast! You can also make a mistake real fast too! My battery powered saws are incredibly easy to use, but they also bring the time it takes to make a cut down as well. This is great for students who are not used to knowing where, how deep to cut, and how to hold the saw. I can usually catch and correct a student before they make a major mistake!

Take my class. Do something Extraordinary. Go home Happy.

Do it again :)

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