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Woodlot Artisans Newsletter Jan. 2019

Last year was pretty incredible for Woodlot Artisans LLC. We moved out of our gallery location and into another location where we had hoped to continue our business as usual. It was a hard move and we decided it would be better to switch back to a simpler business.

We moved from that location and began working from home once again. Thankfully our friends and family helped us a lot through those transitions and the year of 2018 was full of recovery and hopefulness.

Justin and I completed some pretty amazing projects that further strengthened our portfolios. The year had a lot of "First Evers" including a Dragon that has detachable wings and a small compartment for a smoke generator in its back that produces smoke from his mouth! Each and every project was done with a grateful heart. Our customers are truly inventive, unique and fun to work with! Follow us on Facebook to see our projects done in real time.

We were able to capture the excitement again and get away from the extra stress of running an art gallery. It has been a pleasure to refocus on the things we really care about.

Not only have we been working with many customers in the area, we also have been shipping our sculptures to our admirers who have found us online! We have become pro shippers and are able to keep the process simple. It turns out nail guns are fun too as we make our own shipping crates!

Woodlot Artisans has had many classes over the past year along with our very first Chainsaw Carving Intensive. It was a workshop where students could be immersed long enough to take away some serious knowledge about chainsaw carving.

Currently our classes are held at Lewis Lakes Vineyard. It is an inspiring location along with the option of having a nice glass of wine after a day of carving! Students are encouraged to invite friends and family to come see their work and try some new vino themselves. Scheduled classes are listed at along with a helpful guide of recommended tools to start learning this exciting art form. Message us for more information on Private classes.

Upcoming projects include a family "Wildlife Totem Pole" with characters that appeal to each family member and have a significance behind them, Mr. Punch inspired by the statue from Harrods London, and possibly a commission from local brew house "Brat Brot" with a "German Theme" something possibly from "Brothers Grimm Fairytales".

Justin has made a career move toward Real Estate with chainsaw carving on the side and Heather continues to carve full time maintaining our online gift shop found on our website at and carving commissions.

It has been an amazing journey starting and closing a "brick and mortar" (well, Log Cabin!) art gallery. We will never forget the incredible people we met along the way! Thank you for supporting us and believing in us! Don't forget we are still in the neighborhood and if you ever have any questions or concerns about your sculpture, we are still here to help.

Blessings, Heather Bailey

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2 comentarios

Do y’all offer any beginner classes to basic woodcarving for kids?

Me gusta
Heather Bailey
Heather Bailey
19 abr 2022
Contestando a

Hello! We do not offer kids classes yet. Right now it is just chainsaw carving for adults.

Me gusta
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